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 RoboFlush: The Lego NXT Mindstorms Toilet Flusher Robot
Tired of flushing your own toilet? Build a RoboFlush! RoboFlush is a simple Lego NXT Mindstorms Robot designed to flush a toilet automatically. It also comes with a manual flush option! Check out these instructions to build your own. Mike D'Amour came up with the idea, and Will Gorman built and documented RoboFlush.

How much do you know about Lego Robotics? Take the Lego Mindstorm Quiz at SomeTests.com


The Video:

The Flusher:

The flusher is mounted under the toilet bowl cover for the extra weight. Flushing requires no gearing, the NXT motor is strong enough to flush every time.

The NXT and Manual Flush:

The program for this robot is a little complicated in the NXT graphical language. It would be much simpler to understand in a traditional language like Java.

The Ultrasonic Sensor:

The ultrasonic sensor waits till it detects someone in range, then waits till that person is out of range. A polite thank you, and then flush!

The Lucky Toilet:

Comments? Check out our forums.

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